by Gong Tirta

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MeanderLust 07:49
Trë 04:59
Tirta Ning 08:29
Puspa Kaulu 06:11
Imprint 13:09


CrossWorX - the second album by Gong Tirta - Music knows no Boundaries

CrossWorX is what is says: a body of cross-cultural musicworks, by gamelancrossovergroup GONG TIRTA from Amsterdam (est. 1985).

A fine mix of music composed by Dutch, Balinese and Javanese composers and an eclectic blend of East/West in terms of styles and instruments, intended to amaze and highlight new and hidden aspects of the once so arcane gamelanmusic.

Over the years we came across many beautiful gems of both traditional-style gamelanpieces as well as new free-form creations and we made it a project to add and develope more new pieces for our 2018 NeWorX concert.

Trë (Jeroen Sep), MeanderLust (Jessica Polak) and Imprint (Renadi Santoso) are the results of this project and reflect our personal inspirations and desire to bring gamelan to new levels. From Balinese/Javanese tradition-inspired to Western-inspired, these pieces cover a lot of ground.

Our long relationships with Balinese artists I Ketut Suda Negara and I Wayan Sadra have led to a body of original works that are relatively i(n)di-osyncratic and quite a-typical for the common Balinese gamelanstyle, which makes them ideal for new-comers to get acquainted with Balinese music. We adapted their compositions to suit our own style (a practice not uncommon in Bali) which, we hope, will help new listeners to connect more easily.

So, on this, our second album we share our desire to cross boundaries and shape new, inclusive, non-trendsensitive ways of making, creating and enjoying music - both old and new, East and West - for the 21st century. We'd like to invite you to open up your minds and ears and step inside the intricate, timeless world of Gong Tirta.

If you're interested in our first CD album 'Tales of Two Continents' you can order directly by us. €15,- ppiece, excl. shipping costs.
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Selamat menikmati jalan musik terus!


released May 26, 2018

Varja Alexander - calung, jegog, pemade, kantilan, gongs, atmospheric devices.
Pamela Kocken - reyong, kempli, calung.
Jessica Polak - pemade sangsih, calung, kantilan.
Renadi Santoso - drums, jegog, calung, gongs, kempli, pemade, kantilan, keyboards, guitar, reyong.
Jeroen Sep - reyong, ceng-ceng, calung, kantilan, pemade.
Rop Severien - reyong.
Tiurma Siregar - calung, jegog, kempli.
Judith van Vliet - pemade polos.
Constance Vos - kempli, kantilan, pemade, jegog, gongs, calung.
Chaja Zeegers - calung.

Production & Design: Bangkirai Studios Amsterdam

Gong Tirta is sponsored by the AFK, the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (Amsterdam Municipal Fund for the Arts).

Gong Tirta on the Web:

Contact us at:
HP +31-(0)6 - 18707052


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Gong Tirta Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We are an Amsterdam-based music ensemble playing Balinese ànd original compositions on our combination of Balinese gamelan kebyar style instruments with synthesizer, drums, guitar, violin and bass. We use musical style techniques from Java (Central/Sunda), contemporary western composition- and improvisation, jazzpop, progrock, mediaeval, folk etc.

Music aknowledges no boundaries!
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